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  • TJC Blogs
  • The Docent
  • TJC Newsdesk
  • TJC Movies
  • America
  • Feature Films
  • History &
  • Israel
  • World Jewry
  • TJC Original Series
  • Holy Dazed
  • Modern Jewish Mom
  • Forward Forum
  • Inside the Issues
  • TJC Movie Talk
  • Rabbis Roundtable

  • Most Profound Tweets in Jewish History:
    Week of July 17th, 2009

    by TJC Staff

    Our weekly rundown of the tweets you should’ve seen, with a tour-de-force quintuple-tweet from Slate’s resident media expert.

    Most Profound Interfaith Inquiry.

    Most Profound Macher-Fest.

    Most Profound Episode of Amateur Athletes Acting Like Pros.

    Most Profoundly Unhelpful Offer To Help.

    Most Profound Israeli Nookie Shoutout.

    Most Profound “I Should Hope So.”

    Most Profound Hope the Rest of J-Media Doesn’t Discover This Approach To Financial Stability.

    Most Profound Description of An Event You Wish You Could Go To.

    Most Profound Amateur Blogger Catching-On To How the Pros Do It.

    Most Profound J-Reporter’s Day.

    Most Profound Attempt To Get Others To Do Your Dirty Work.

    Most Profound Opportunity To Wonder Why 51 Years of Practice Hasn’t Improved the Quality.

    Most Profound Evidence Jenji Kohan Is Single-Handedly Saving Jewish Culture.

    Most Profound Wishful Thinking It’s His Looks They’re After.

    Most Profoundly Well-Publicized Mazel Tov.

    Most Profound Seizing of the Opportunity To Reflect on the Meaning of it All.

    Most Profound Opportunity to Realize That, Gee, It Has Been a Long Time.

    Most Profound Concern for One’s Spiritual Well-Being.

    Most Profound Cheer for Charity.

    Most Profound Desire for Textual Minimalism.

    Most Profound Concern Over Hebraic Misogyny.

    Most Profound Opportunity To Wonder What Would Happen if All Rabbis Lived Like This.

    Most Profound Young Jewish Rapper Celebrating the Old.

    Most Profound Opening To Mention Luke Ford.

    Most Profound Example of Someone Who Isn’t Pulling Her Weight To End the Shidduch Crisis.

    Most Profound Chance to Imagine Just What a “Cool ADL Event” Consists Of.

    Most Profound Hope That Poultry Purchasing Isn’t Really Getting This Complicated.

    Most Profound Worry This Could Become a Reality.

    Most Profound Citation of a Jewish Moral Concern During the Sotomayor Hearings.

    Most Profound Photographer Jealousy.

    Most Profound Grocery Fail.

    Most Profound Pre-Emptive Qualifier.

    Most Profound B’sha’ah Tovah!

    Most Profound Reconciliation During the Three Weeks.

    Most Profoundly Horrible Pun.

    Most Profound Call for Tweet-sistance.

    Most Profound Budget Announcement, Bypassing Traditional Media.

    Most Profound Belief in the Supernatural Powers of Traditional Jewish Food.

    Most Profoundly Missing Sense of Humor.

    Most Profound Non-Jew’s Appreciation of Jewish Humor.

    Most Profound Opportunity To Consider When the NYT Will Allow Jews To Co-Opt the Other Two.

    Most Profound Cause To Wonder if This is How Diplomacy Happens Now.

    Most Profound Reflection.

    Most Profound Warning Coming *Way* Too Late.

    Most Profound Call for Restraint.

    Most Profoundly Bad Joke.

    Most Profound Luncher’s Lament.

    Most Profound Opportunity To Be Thankful Hazon Won’t Make Us All Eat Algae.

    Most Profound Conference Planning Update.

    Most Profoundly Short Consideration, Then Rejection, of a Biblically-Based Anthropological Thesis.

    Most Profound Usage of Rabbinic Hebrew Abbreviations in English on Twitter.

    Most Profound Reason To Wish Every Rabbi Was This Rabbi.

    Most Profound Helper Calling for Help.

    Most Profound Opportunity To Suggest These Jewish Hip-Hoppers Are Just Dorks.

    Most Profound Opportunity To Prove Same.

    Most Profound New President’s Welcome.

    Most Profound Pikuach Nefesh

    July 21, 2009 | Read more Newsdesk posts. 4 Comments »



    1. Thanks for the RT and the good wishes! :-)

      Comment by Rachel Barenblat (velveteenrabbi) — July 21, 2009 @ 2:22 pm

    2. I love this column, because it emphasizes how people are listening to you when you shoot those tweets into the Ethernet. Thanks!

      Comment by @synagogue — July 22, 2009 @ 6:04 am

    3. Mazel tov to me. About time I made it on here! @susqhb

      Comment by Susanne — July 22, 2009 @ 1:20 pm

    4. Still calling for help. Thank you for spreading the word.

      Comment by Mark Hurvitz — July 27, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

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